Peter L. Quan wins Four Hundred Thousand Dollars for Client 09/27/2010 Wang, Peien Won a Lawsuite and Thanks for Warmhearted People’s Help

Report by Meng Feng in New York from the <World Daily>

On September 26th, 2010, the Elder Wang Peien thanks for Hupei Association in New York, the Hunan Association in USA and the attorney’s help. From left: Yi Jijun, Peter L. Quan, Wang Peien, Liu Mengqi. (Photo taken by Meng Fang)


Under the help of Hupei Association in New York, the Hunan Association in USA, the Elder couple Wang Peien and her husband sued martial arts master Shi, Yanzhang because of his arrearage got a very satisfying result. The court judged that Shi, Yanzhang must return and compensate $400,000 to couple Wang Peien and his wife. On September 26th 2010, the Elder Wang Peien thanks for the two associations as well as the attorney Peter L. Quan who represented this case voluntarily and some other warmhearted people during the process.

The president of Hupei Association in New York Liu, Mengping introduced that, after the case happened, they once accompanied Mrs. Wang, Peien to go to Grace Meng’s office and ask for help. Besides, they went to the trial attorney’s office in Queens to tell about the situation. Finally, they decided to use civil compensation method to get back the arrearage. The president Hunan Association in USA Yi, Jijun said, after he got the information of this case, he introduced Peter L. Quan to Wang Peien and tried to help him with legal method. Peter L. Quan pointed out that, he had sued Shi, Yanzhang to the Civil Court in Queens. The court judged on July 7th 2010, that Shi Yanzhang needed to payback Mrs. Wang, Peien nearly $400,000, of which, $140,000 is the arrearage, and $53,334 is the interest, while the rest are spiritual and punitive compensations. Peter L. Quan said that he would try his best to get the compensation for the elder couple.

Wang, Peien memorized that, in 2006 she deposited her house to the bank for loans and lent $140,000 to Shi, Yanzhang. She kept the I.O.U. however, since Shi, Yanzhang did not return the money, and they could not pay back the loan to the bank, the house had been auctioned by the court. She and her family had no place to stay but to live in a place provided by Shi, Yanzhang temporarily. However, during the stay, the electricity and water had been cut off for several times, which brought Mrs. Wang Peien and her family a lot of troubles. Without choice, they had to sue Shi Yanzhang to the court.

Based on the judgment, Shi Yanzhang expressed that he was very helpless. At first, he entrusted an attorney to represent this case, but because of limit economic conditions, he did not continue to entrust the attorney. This July he once went to the court, but without the counsel, he could not appear on the court. He also told that he had only borrowed 20 to 30 thousand dollars in total. Just because he had limited money on hand, he could not return the money back.

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