Peter L. Quan completes spouse immigration application successfully 08/22/2009

[In Peter L. Quan’s articles, we have discussed how difficult it is for spouse immigration application when marry to a US Citizen. No matter in Guangzhou Counsel or in any departments in the USCIS, the difficulty exists. This is because that the immigration officers hold the assumption that every marriage is a sham marriage, so the petitioner and the beneficiary needs to provide as many evidences as they can to proof that their marriage is true. This is really not an easy thing. Peter L. Quan experienced such an interview in Federal Plaza in New York. Now he will record the interview between the immigration officer and the beneficiary. With regard to the most important points, Peter L. Quan adds the evaluation in the []. This interview is a very successful case and please continues reading since it is really a very difficult case.]

Let’s introduce the basic information first. To protect our client’s privacy, Peter L. Quan used the alias in this article. Mr. Lin has already been 70 years old this year, while Mrs. Wu is just 50 years old. Although Mr. Lin is a US Citizen, he has been divorced for three times. In the meanwhile, Mrs. Wu divorced once. What’s worse, Mr. Lin could not provide the divorce certificate for his first marriage. Mrs. Wu entered the USA via B1/B2 Visa but her legal status expired for several years. Mr. Lin retired and did not have stable income right now. He just had about $700 pension and social insurance every month. The economical affidavit was finished by others. The couple did not have any shared property, and the only shared document was the bank’s monthly statements, which showed the two couple’s names. They were introduced to each other in October 2008, and they got married that November. They came to Peter L. Quan’s office in December 2008. During the process, we used 87 days to complete the affidavit. Briefly, it only took about 8 months for them from they got married till the green card based on marriage was approved. Peter L. Quan might not call this case a miracle, but this case was really very rare since there were so many difficulties.

Peter L. Quan needs to remind you that, the petitioner and the beneficiary’s actions are very important. (This is very different from situations in Guangzhou Counsel. In Guangzhou, only the beneficiary can face the immigration officer, while the petitioner can only stay in the outside café.) The couple must cooperate with each other very well and also express self confidence. However, when the officer asks one of the interviewer questions, the other one cannot answer. The following paragraph is just part of the interview record. According to Peter L. Quan’s experiences, no matter what kinds of questions asked, the immigration officer will first ask the husband (the answer will be written in red ink), and then the wife will be asked the same questions. (The answer will be checked in blue ink if the two couple provides the same answer.) Basically, though there are a lot of questions that the immigration officer might ask, the petitioner and beneficiary must remember that, the aim of each question is to testify the truthfulness of the marriage. Before the interview, Peter L. Quan will tell the couple to be well prepared. All the questions prepared have been asked. If you continue your reading, you will find that most questions are very basic and easy, just the common sense in daily life.

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