International Student Receives Permanent Resident Card Fortunately

[Report by Liu, Daqi from Mingpao]

A student named Lin joint the church in New York after he came to the USA for study from Mainland China. After coursework, he attended church activities regularly. During the Christmas, Lin went back China to visit his family. During the vocation, he communicated with his families and friends about the experiences of attending the church activities as well as introducing the doctrines. Upon his return to the USA, Lin claimed that the related departments in mainland China gave pressure to him in the name of attending illegal church activities. Lin submitted political asylum and wished to adjust his status and stayed in the USA. Recently, the USCIS already interviewed Lin and approved his application and grant him permanent resident card.

The representative attorney Peter L. Quan said that the pass rate of USCIS interview was no more than 5%. Most cases would be transferred to the immigration court. Lin’s successful was very exciting. Peter L. Quan said that their office prepared detailed statements for Lin and explained all the reasons and results happened, which reduced the doubts from the USCIS to the most extent. Besides, their law office helped Lin in his preparation in the supporting documents, which strengthened Lin’s confidence.

Recently, more and more Chinese immigrate comes to the USA. Under to introduction of Peter L. Quan, there are mainly three ways to adjust status: first is to marry with the US Citizen or Permanent Resident Card holder. Marriage with the US citizen is the most quickly way to get the green card. As long as you entered the US legally, you have no need to worry about whether your status is legal. However, if you marry with permanent resident, you need to keep your status legally before marriage. The second way is to apply for employment based status, including H1B, EB1/2 and so on. The last way is to apply for political asylum. The application must be submitted within one year the applicant entered the USA. Then the USCIS will ask the applicant to do fingerprint as well as interview. If the interview has not passed, then the case will be transferred to the immigration court.

For those who want to seek for political asylum, Peter L. Quan suggests that one must prepare the evidences as early as possible, such as I-94 card. When submit evidences, the statements must be prepared carefully. Before the interview, the attorney needs to review all the documents with the applicants and tries to mimic the interview. The applicant must guarantee that all the answers must be based on the statements and must be fact. If you do not understand the question, do not try to answer arbitrarily to avoid outsmart yourself.

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