Immigration Application successfully transfers the court for hearing and appears on court via phone 06/09/2012

[Tips from Peter L. Quan: Last week has passed and the new week will be coming soon. Just as the universal metabolism, the time flies no matter we want or not. One Philosopher said that, if you worked hard for one day and you would have good rest for one night. If you worked hard for life, you would get permanent rest. Yes, the ruthless time will make people turn older, but will never change memories related to life. Fortunately, law office of Peter L. Quan expands its service ranges, and also is equipped with two paralegals who could speak Fuzhou Dialect. It is no doubt that out services are flourishing and we make more new friends. These bring fortunes to our law office and thanks to all the colleagues for their hard working, which makes the past week very enjoyable. Every week when Peter L. Quan writes paper, it is just a way to relax and enjoy, similar to common conversations with friends. In fact, no matter how capable an attorney is, it is the judge who determines the case results. So how to learn about what the judge is thinking in order to better serve our client, is a very important thing for each lawyer, and can only be learnt via actual experiences. The USA is a Federal country, and also each state has its own independent legal system. In the Federal court, when one case needs to be transferred from one state to another, we need to pay attention to special legal conflicts and requirements in different states. This article talks about this in detail. ]

As an attorney who owns multiple-state licenses, and as an attorney who attract many clients, Peter L. Quan accepts immigration cases from all over the country. As a result, Peter L. Quan needs to face the differences in different states about judges and practices. The USA has 50 states, and in each state, there exist a lot of cities. In each city, the judge has his own preferences. In order to win the case and get the benefits for our clients, Peter L. Quan needs to learn and analysis each judge’s special requirements. During this process, there will always be some judges who have very obvious personal preferences. Today we will tell Mr. Liu’s case to show a story of battle of wits.

Mr. Liu arrived in the USA in one of the Western states near Mexico. His case was processed in a court in a small town in that state. However, the court located in a very remote place and there was no airport in that city and it was hard to find the town in the map. So the judge of Mr. Liu’s was just such a person who was not very well-known. Recently, Mr. Liu moved to the East USA and came to the attorney’s office of Peter L. Quan. Mr. Liu asked Peter L. Quan to transfer his case to New York. Peter L. Quan welcomed Mr. Liu very pleasantly. In fact, the process of transferring courts was not very complicate. Before Peter L. Quan accomplished a lot of transferring courts cases, which were all successful. According to the standard process, transferring courts needs to submit a lot of non-litigation legal documents. Such non-litigation legal documents are not like the common documents we prepare for the court. Those documents include motion to change the attorney, motion to change the court as well as the client’s own witness. Some states may have some special forms and format requirements. Professional attorneys in the law office of Peter L. Quan will research and analysis the different laws in different states, and finishes the document preparation for each state.  Generally, the motion top change the attorney does not require the signature of the original attorney. However, the judge of Mr. Liu’s case had special requirement that the change of attorney motion needed the signature of original attorney. Even though Mr. Liu explained that the original attorney had already disappeared. Since the date of appearing on court was approaching, Peter L. Quan sought to other solutions as soon as possible. He submitted the motion to appear on court via phone, that is, the client answered judge’s questions via phone rather than appear on the court. However, the judge still declined the request. Although both clients and the attorney could not resist the judge directly, the judge usually has his own requirements to be met with. Peter L. Quan just wanted to find what the requirements were. Then Peter L. Quan contacted the assistant of the judge, and learnt about the requirements of the judge, and then he made out the third plan. That is, to submit a motion to not appear on the court. This step was very difficult to deal with. Each motion needs to be submitted with various evidences and reasons in order to persuade the judge, which can only be completed by professional lawyers. During the process, the related analysis of law, contacts with judges and his assistant, contacts with immigration office and the related government departments are very complicate. Peter L. Quan would like to deal with all these difficulties as long as this would benefit our clients. Fortunately, Peter L. Quan’s efforts reward. Finally, the judge of this case accepted all requests from Peter L. Quan in New York. In this way, we saved thousand dollars legal fee for our client, and also we avoid the long distance from New York to the Western states.

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