Illegal Immigrate Receives Permanent Resident Card after Marry to the U.S. Citizen

[Tips from Peter L. Quan: The client entered the USA legally, but lost his legal status later. Afterwards he married to a US citizen and received the green card. The special point of this case lies in that the processing speed was very quick. It only took about 4 months from the application beginning till the completion. If the case was that Permanent Resident Card holder applied for spouse, it would not perform so quickly.]

Mr. Wang entered in the USA with B1/B2. Then his visa expired and then he lost his legal status. But he did not hurry to do other applications but stayed in the USA and kept studying and living. Recently, he had a girlfriend in the USA and planned to get married. However, Mr. Wang married once in China and his wife and children were still in China. In order to get status, Peter L. Quan prepared divorce documents for him. Although his wife was in China, Mr. Wang lived in New York more than two years, so it was possible to get divorced in the USA. Through Peter L. Quan’s efforts, about three months later, Mr. Wang got the divorce paper, which lay a flat ground for Mr. Wang. With respect to this case, some readers might say that Peter L. Quan always dealt with divorce cases and separated couples, will this be some kind of inappropriate? To clarify, Peter L. Quan himself did not want to do these things. He just respected with clients’ requests. However, to uphold justice and redress the scale are the missions of an attorney. Since the day Peter L. Quan joint in the occupation of attorney, he must use the US law to serve the clients and society.

From this April, Peter L. Quan applied permanent resident card for client. Because of Mrs. Wang’s cooperation, in the first time they submitted documents, all the documents were complete, including Visa application, I-485, Physical examination form, materials to testify the truth of marriage. In about this June, they received the materials to finish financial affidavit. Within one week, the materials had been submitted to the USCIS. In this July, they received the notice of interview from USCIS. The interview was scheduled in this August. After the interview, immigration officer did not say anything but let them to wait at home. Then Mr. Wang received his permanent resident card two weeks later. Finally he could go back to China after more than ten years.

Besides, Peter L. Quan trained Mr and Mrs. Wang before their interview. From the basic facts to clothes, manners, he gave them very careful instructions. Although his wife was working outside the State, she dropped by Chinatown in New York occasionally, they successfully testify the truth of their marriage. When Peter L. Quan suggested Mr. Wang to wear formal dress, he seemed very reluctant to do this. However, after he received his permanent resident card, he came to Peter L. Quan’s office and said: “Thanks so much. The reason I can get the green card so quickly is that I conform to your every requirement.”

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