Having a Narrow Escape from Death 04/01/10

[Tips from Peter L. Quan: this article talks about how a Chinese immigrates with deportation order who was already sent to JFK was finally released. In fact, in the USA, there are so many people who have deportation order and some of them are required to report to the immigration department. This article explains detailed questions these people might confront with during their daily life. Please continue reading this article.]

People, who live in the world, will always confront with various challenges as well as opportunities. As an attorney, whose abilities are limited, sometimes needs helps from friends. All the purpose is to serve the clients better. There are four attorneys in Peter L. Quan’s office and also we help other attorneys as well. One of the attorneys is Wang, Aijun. She is classmates of Peter L. Quan in Law School. The attorney office of Wang Aijun has not started very long, but she usually accepts some very challenging cases. Since Miss Wang and Peter L. Quan were classmates, they usually help each other together. Then they have their own offices but they still always learn from each other. The lifetime is a process of continuing learning and self-education. Then in the following, we will talk about today’s case. Since the attorney should protect client’s privacy, client’s name must be changed. Some of the key materials and working methods cannot be revealed in the article.

The client was a lady, who was two daughters’ mother. The two kids were both very young and in need of mother’s care. Several years before, the lady was sentenced by the immigration court to be deported to China. She was supervised by the immigration court and also was required to report to the USCIS every several months. It had been three years since the first report, there were always nothing happening, but this Wednesday, she was arrested by USCIS. Generally, people with deportation order who reports to the USCIS are rarely arrested by the USCIS. But with respect to this client, Peter L. Quan learnt that besides the deportation order, the lady also had criminal records, although the record was not very serious. However, just because of the criminal records, on the one side, USCIS required her to report, on the other side, USCIS dealt with her travel documents. So when she reported to the USCIS this Wednesday, travel documents had already been prepared ready. The next stop was to be deported on the plane and fly back to China. After the client was arrested, she called her relatives immediately. In a hurry, the client committed a fatal fault and said her two children were sent back to China.

The relatives of this client contacted attorney Wang, Aijun. Since the case was challenging and the situation was emergent, attorney Wang asked Peter L. Quan to go to the deportation officer’s office in Federal Plaza at 3:30pm in the Friday. The officer told that there was no time to do something since the client had already been sent to JFK. The flight will departed in 5:00pm. Without choice, Peter L. Quan had to try his best. The first thing to do was to find a guarantor. Then he must submit the emergent documents to the deportation officer. Then Peter L. Quan asked one of the colleagues in his office to contact with BIA immediately. All the endeavor and efforts were not in vain, the client was sent back from the Airport in 9:00pm. Then we won the precious time for our client. If the client stayed in the USA for one more day, we had one more opportunity.

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